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1 year

NATURALLEY MAGAZINE has been created to spread the benefits of Alternative Medicine through examples and testimonials of people who have healed by traditional and 

also experienced

alternative natural treatments.

NATURALLEY is an INTEGRAL MEDICINE Magazine that covers the physical, mental and spiritual...with the purpose of helping our community all over the world overcome problems derived from diseases 

and have a better quality of life. 

The Paradigm of aging and illness is a big part of the magazine concept. Let us multiply the benefits of this knowledge with your family and friends by getting a subscription and/or Ebook, available at 

 or order  your print and digital copy on this web site

 Subscribers, you get 

the Print and the Digital magazine

Subscribers get as low as $4.16 cost per issue


EBook available 

on under category self development books

just download kindle app to your mobile phone 

or any other device.

If you prefer to e-mail

 [email protected]


[email protected] 

or by Text to 305-224-2570 to chat with us!